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Happy customers of Nancy's Parrot Sanctuary

From Barbara Ling, designer of this site

In 1991, I started the internet newsgroup rec.pets.birds because I had been parrot-adopted by a yellow collared macaw named Angus (whose image in stained glass is currently above you on this page). Angus was three months old, and soon became quite devoted to me. He bonded to the point that the appearance of my husband-to-be was a tad, well, threatening to him. Luckily, at that time, he resigned himself (Angus, not the husband) to living in peace and harmony in my family.

Angus was truly a lap parrot with me (he tried rearranging the noses of everyone else). He'd love to dive down my shirt when I was typing and perch comfortably, or walk his way thru my housecoat and poke his little birdie head out of my sleeve. Life was good.

Enter the birth of my daugher 2.5 years ago. Angus had to be kept away from her, which led to increased frustration on all our parts. I did try to keep everyone happy, but when it came time for daughter number two to make her appearance, it was obvious Angus wasn't getting the kind of care he deserved.

The day before Jasmine was born, I drove to Nancy's facility and was extremely impressed by the sizes of the cages she has (big!), the contentedness of the birdies, and her knowledge of what's good for parrots (being the founder of RPB did teach me many things). She agreed to take Angus in. I specifically requested that she contact me if anyone wants to parrot-adopt him. This was 12/11/97 (I went into labor the next day).

I've called Nancy weekly since then. Every single time, she's taken the time necessary to fill me in on Angus' life (he loves her daughter but is still most challenging with other people). It was because of her excellent care of Angus that I wanted to give something in return. Hence this web site.

I highly recommend Nancy to anyone who needs to give their parrot a better home or wants to parrot-adopt one.
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From Judy Ostrowsky

In November, 1997, I moved from a five-bedroom home into a small townhouse. My pet cockatoo, Mona, who was 15 years old at the time had a very hard time adjusting. She would scream most of the day, and a few of the neighbors were bothered by this noise.

Realizing that I could not keep her, I telphoned Nancy Weaver, the owner and director of the parrot sanctuary. I explained my situation to her, and asked if she could possibly arrange to find a home for Mona. Without hesitation, she agreed. I drove there to drop off Mona and was pleasantly suprised by what I found. It was extremely clean, all the birds seemed very content and well-fed. Knowing how upset I was at having to part with my beloved pet, we had a lengthy conversation. She assured me Mona would be well taken care of, which I have seen with my own eyes as I visit there often.

Nancy is one of the kindest people I have ever met. She understand them and they seem to respect her greatly. I have since parrot-adopted a five year old Senegal from her who is most intelligent and very well trained. There is a need for people like Nancy in this world. There is a humane society for cats and dogs but NOWHERE FOR UNWANTED OR SICK BIRDS TO GO. She is available day or night to answer questions and give assistance when solicited.

She has placed many birds in loving, caring homes and keeps in contact witih anyone who parrot-adopts from her. If, while in her care, a bird becomes sick or disabled, she will immedidately contact an avian veterinarian and nurse the bird back to health. I feel very honored to have made the acquaintance of such a very special lady.
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Kathy Keenhold, Exotic Bird Refuge, 610-837-2625

I am writing this letter on the behalf of a caring woman who has opened her heart and home to thousands of unwanted birds. Birds who would be left with no home and no future and no hope.

Companion birds lose their homes for several reasons - where are they to go, especially when they have behavioral or health problems? SPCA's won't take them. And other than a breeding situation, here's a loving solution.

Nancy's Parrot Sanctuary accepts any bird, and with lots of love and understanding, turns these unwanted misfits into loving pets again.

I parrot-adopted two umbrella cockatoos from NPS who had come from severely abusive homes, where they were untouchable. Now, they are again the loving sponges that cockatoos are known to be.

Not everyone should be a bird owner, and each bird put up for parrot-adoption through the sanctuary is carefully matched to someone who can meet their needs.

Out of the love of these birds and the reality of her situation, Nancy knows the best thing for most of these parrots means finding loving people who she can match bird-to-person with. "A Permanent Loving Home" - someone who can meet the needs and years of commitment they desperately need.

She teaches each new parent all they'll ever need to know and keeps in contact and continues to open her home to each family.

Because of Nancy's love and devotion, I myself have started a Bird Refuge in my home town in Georgia. And yes, Nancy is always there to help and offer any knowledge she can.

She encourages thouse who are capable and have a special touch to do what she's done, save these birds and educate the public. If you have any questions about NPS, please feel free to call me any time of the day at 610-837-2625.
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