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Nancy's Parrot Sanctuary
In memory of Nancy Weaver, Magnficient Parrot Champion

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About Nancy

Appearing on both TV and in newspapers to share her knowledge and love for birdies, Nancy Weaver started out with finches and parakeets when she was younger.

About 10 years ago, she saw a cute cockatiel at a fleamarket, and bought it. A short time later, a sun conure joined her flock. She had these two birds for about a year, without any problems. Then, when answering the call of the flea market once again, she saw George, an Umbrella Cockatoo.

As with many people, she looked at it, loved it and had to have it. When she bought George, she received NO instructions on care, needs and sanitation of these birds, and what would happen if this birds needs weren't met. She didn't know that if you didn't treat these birds correctly, that you would have a plucker, screamer and biter on your hands.

George remedied that lack of knowledge in short order.

Intrigued, Nancy taught herself everything that she needed to know about these birds, through books and other publications. But once she learned all this, her friends started bringing their birds to her, for advice and behavior modification (otherwise known as "I'm at the end of my rope, please help!" calls). Soon after, these people started telling their bird-owning friends about Nancy. Her adventure began.

As word got around, there were more and more calls coming in. 'Please take this bird!' Soon after, Nancy called the State Division of Fish, Game and Wildlife, and asked where people put their birds that they no longer could take care of, or just plainly didn't want anymore

She was told that no such facility existed. She then asked what she should do with birds. And she was told that she could either sell or give them away.

To Nancy, that wasn't solving the problem, it was just pushing the bird off on someone else that had no idea how to take proper care of these birds. After inquiring about starting a parrot sanctuary, she was informed there was no such thing, and really, just give the bird back to the pet shop or breeder it came from.

Not a good solution to her mind!

Thus was born Nancy's Parrot Sanctuary. Her achievement is an inspiration to us all.
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